The UK presents one of the most prosperous economies in the world and for many businesses, it is the ideal location to open a brand or a virtual presence. This enables them to take advantage of the thriving economy of the UK, which for many businesses, is an excellent market to tap into. Whether you have an existing business or are in the process of launching a startup, having UK VoIP numbers may be the ideal solution to expanding into the UK market.


Expanding a Business into the UK

The United Kingdom is known for its unique British culture, and this extends even into its business sector. If you’re planning on working with British customers, it would be highly useful to become aware of certain cultural aspects that could make assimilating into the culture simpler. It’s especially important to be aware of these cultural differences in the event they differ greatly from your own; instead of creating a careless faux pas, you can prepare yourself ahead of time, ensuring miscommunications are kept to a minimum.


Meetings in the UK

Meetings are an important part of business culture just about everywhere in the world. In the UK, they are deemed especially important. It is in these business meetings where ideas are presented and discussed among members, challenged at times, and also negotiated. It is typical in British work culture for several meetings to occur weekly, as they are the springboard from which much action occurs. Meetings are essential to decision-making and oftentimes, decisions are made based on consensus. Conflict is generally avoided, as well, as most people prefer to demonstrate self control and cooperation.


Don’t be surprised to learn, when working with British associates, that meetings are often scheduled long in advance, and punctuality is highly regarded. Most meetings begin with some jovial small talk, with the intention of creating a warm atmosphere that invites attendees to feel comfortable with the intention of harmony as everyone works together.


A meeting agenda is usually created in advance and this is the outlined structure for the course of the meeting. Additional topics may be included for discussion, and meetings are typically closed with a decision made and a list of actions defined.


VoIP Communication in the UK

The British use much humor and subtly-placed understatements in general communication and through more streamlined communications, such as email, it can be difficult to get the gist of the nuances without human interaction. In this regard, telephone communications and in-person meetings are highly regarded and essential to proper communication in the business sphere. As a result, though it may be convenient to communicate with only digital means in some locations, if you intend on doing business in the UK, even virtually, a UK phone number is a must. Other options such as conference calling and video calling can also be useful for having face-to-face meetings.


If you intend on reaching customers and other business connections in the UK, having a UK VoIP number will enable you to have the flexibility and access necessary to communicate with this market. A UK VoIP number can be used on all of your marketing materials, your blog, website, advertisements, and anything else that announces your business has a UK presence.


Getting a UK VoIP number for your business is a brilliant option for opening up access to the UK market. Whether you’re aiming to open up an actual location in the UK, or you’re interested in creating a virtual presence, a UK VoIP number is the first step in making your business accessible to the customers that await you in this thriving country. VoIP numbers are affordable and can be setup in a very short amount of time, and because of their excellent versatility, they are a must-have tool for any business aiming to expand.