China VOIP

China is the world’s most populated country and it stands as a very prominent economy. In the last several decades, China has experienced exponential growth, and as a result, it has become one of the most important business locations globally. If your business is aiming to expand into Asia, China is an excellent location to do so within.


China’s Economy

China’s population is currently approximately at 1.4 billion people, which is just 50 million over the population of India. China has been on pace to dominate the global economy for decades, and at the present time, it holds the world’s second largest economy, with a GDP of $9.2 trillion USD.


China started its trek towards economic superiority in the 1970s, when a variety of reforms were instilled. Today, China remains one of the most important manufacturing hubs anywhere in the world. During the Global Financial Crisis, China managed to weather the economic downturn with ease, coming out of it with GDP growth of 9%.


Expanding a Business in China

Due to its excellent economy, China is one of the best countries for businesses to expand within, as well as one of the best international locations for investing. China’s population is driven towards success and culturally, they are known for their exceptional work ethic, as well as attitudes towards professionalism. The population is highly educated, with an excellent pool of professional skills. As a result, any business aiming to expand within China can expect a positive experience.


Using VoIP to Expand Into China

One of the best and easiest ways to begin your expansion into the Chinese economy would be to have a China VoIP phone number for your business. You can use this in all of your marketing materials, all of your advertisements, on your website, on your Chinese website, on business cards, on social media, and anything else you use to promote your company. It shows your potential Chinese customers that you already exist in the country and your company is ready to serve their needs. China phone numbers and China VoIP numbers are identical in structure. They all begin with a +86 country code, which is then followed by a specific area code designated by region, and then a series of digits.


Why You Should Get a China VoIP Number

Anyone interested in actively doing business in China would do well to own a China VoIP number. If your company is interested in doing business in China, whether physically present there or with a China virtual office, a China VoIP number is an invaluable business and communication tool that will enable you to take advantage of countless opportunities, while presenting your company to potential clients, customers, and associates with appropriate contact information.


A China virtual phone number or a China VoIP number is an indispensable tool you can use to grow your business and test out possible markets for expansion. There are a wide array of features you can coordinate with your number to make it even more functional, while maximizing your ability to communicate with potential clients and customers in this thriving market.