CallHippo Review: An All-Inclusive Virtual Calling Service

When it comes to VoIP and virtual calling solutions for businesses, few companies have made a lasting impact the way CallHippo has. This international company offers a wide array of options, excellent features that can be coordinated for individual usage, a massive amount of integrations with services from other providers, and exceptional services that can be customized based on customers’ needs. Simply, they offer a one-stop solution for all the communication needs of today’s businesses. In this review, we will cover all the important details, as well as the services and options, that make CallHippo an excellent source for all virtual telephony needs.

Getting Numbers from CallHippo

First and foremost, it’s really simple to get virtual numbers from CallHippo. They make the process of purchasing extremely simple, so all you have to do is follow the simple the Sign Up process. They are really easy to work with and you can get numbers in more than 50 countries, worldwide. You will need to provide your name, your phone number, your work email, your company name, and then create a password. Super simple and straight to the point!

Who is CallHippo for?

CallHippo offers a range of different virtual phone numbers and VoIP solutions for businesses and individuals. They appeal to businesses of all sizes; from individual small businesses run by single entrepreneurs to startups to large, booming enterprise companies. CallHippo offers plans to suit any budget, with subscriptions as low as $0/ monthly.

CallHippo Rates & Pricing

While so many companies and providers of virtual numbers are complicated and overpriced, what we are highly impressed by with CallHippo is the simplified and clearly stated pricing rates. They offer 4 different plans, ranging from $0/ monthly to a very affordable $40/monthly, when billed annually. Prices are higher when you choose to subscribe with payments made monthly, however, so keep that in mind when you check them out. Each plan is as follows:

$0: Basic: The Basic plan is free! Yes, you read that correctly. This plan can be used by 2 users, and while its offerings are extremely limited, it is very much a great intro to the world of VoIP telephony. Calls can be forwarded to the device of your choice, a free softphone is included, voicemail transcription is included, and you have the ability to work with the Android/ iOS app. For entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses just getting out the door, or individuals working on a side hustle, this is the very best way to begin using VoIP services to get a feel for it. While it is very limited in offerings, it’s the perfect way to try it out. Nothing to lose and a world of communication to gain.

$9: Bronze: The Bronze plan is highly recommended and it serves as an excellent choice for anyone considering the free basic plan, with a range of other services and functionalities for a very affordable price. This plan is perfect for outbound calling/ outbound sales teams. We definitely suggest this plan to anyone who is running a startup, a small business, or considering starting a small business, as the additional benefits are incredible. Such features as music on hold, call recording, a multilingual IVR, and country blocking are phenomenal additions to your virtual communication system and these are features that will do wonders to enhance your customer service appeal. For just $9/ per user, per month, you get a seriously versatile, effective VoIP communication platform that can streamline so many processes without having to hire out help for managing your calls.

$20: Silver: For business owners and individuals who know what their needs are in terms of communication and managing phone calls, the Silver Plan from CallHippo is an excellent plan. It’s much more dynamic than the Basic and Bronze Plans, and for those with a higher volume of calls that need proper, professional handling, this plan is a great choice. At $20/ per user/ per month, this plan comes with all the included features of the Basic and Bronze plans, plus other exceptionally useful features like a free number, call queuing, call transfer, and free incoming calls. For just $20/ monthly, this subscription is one of the best deals on the market among all VoIP services. For sales teams, marketing teams, and a variety of other businesses, this is the top solution.

$40: Platinum: The Platinum Plan from CallHippo is their most versatile, their most in-depth plan that includes every service available. For businesses on the move, growing at rapid speeds as well as those aiming towards high-speed growth, as well as enterprise businesses, startups that are on the move, and small businesses that need top-level management of their phone systems, this is the plan to have. This plan includes every feature the Silver Plan offers, with a range of others that make it highly beneficial. Premium support, custom integrations, and free incoming calls make it very generous as well as perfect for high-volume businesses. At just $40/ per user, per month, this plan simplifies, streamlines, and supports businesses that need powerful solutions for managing their incoming and outcoming calls. We highly recommend this plan for businesses that require the most robust virtual telephony support.

What You Need to Check Out: Cloud Base Phone Numbers from CallHippo

CallHippo offers lots of different features and services, but among the many great things they provide that can make running your business more easily accomplished are cloud-based phone numbers. Cloud-based numbers, virtual phone numbers, toll free numbers, online phone numbers, local phone numbers, number porting, and second phone numbers are all available.

These numbers are highly versatile and can be used for so many purposes. Some people opt to purchase a single number to use as a business number as they grow their businesses. Some businesses purchase numbers as needed to tie into marketing campaigns, allowing them to track individual metrics to determine the effectiveness of these marketing efforts. Some enterprise businesses have purchased hundreds of numbers to completely streamline their phone systems, allowing for greater management of their communications.

The CallHippo Difference

Cloud based phone numbers are not your ordinary phone numbers when you get them from CallHippo. While there are many companies out there selling cloud phone numbers, not all have the accompanying services and features offered by CallHippo. This makes CallHippo a highly beneficial option, as their many value-adding services, coupled with their low-priced subscription plans make their company the go-to choice for countless businesses in need of cloud-based phone numbers.

A Look at the Features Offered By CallHippo

  • Call Transfer: One of the most useful features available, Call transfer gives you the ability to automatically redirect calls from one line to another.  
  • Call Conference: Conference calling made simple. This feature allows you to add a third individual onto a two-way call, creating a 3-way conference call.
  • Call Queuing: For those with higher call volumes, call queues create a line of calls that have come in, enabling agents to handle calls on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Call Barging: Call Barging allows a supervisor to monitoring calls silently, with the option to enter the call through a conference bridge.
  • Smart Call Forwarding: This versatile feature allows each user to have calls forwarded to a number of different phones, allowing for maximum connectivity, fewer missed calls, and access at all times.
  • Virtual Team Collaboration (Manage Team): This feature allows for maximum contact and management of calls, along with your clients, and teammates from a single platform. Productivity and connectivity redefined!
  • Ring All: This is another feature designed to allow all users/ phone lines connected to a single number to receive incoming calls at the same time. This allows reassurance that the call will be received, as there is likely to be someone able to pick it up and handle it.
  • Call Recording: For customer service, quality assurance, and record keeping for the finance industry, call recording is often a requirement for business phone lines.
  • Voice Mail: This feature enables voicemails to be converted to email, instantly and automatically sent to your email inbox. This allows you the option to review them more easily, while having them stored in an easy-to-access format.
  • Call Analytics: Your phone calls are data, and analytics allow you to track all of the relevant information to better understand the effectiveness of your business and the output of your team. Call Analytics allow you to track the performance of your phone service, along with measuring the metrics of missed calls, and all other details.
  • On Hold Music: While it’s not mandatory, music during hold times can make the wait a little more pleasant. Not all service providers offer this feature, however, CallHippo understands its value. You can use their options of music or upload custom music of your choice.

CallHippo’s Services: The Bottom Line

In terms of virtual phone numbers and cloud based phone numbers for businesses, there is no better selection than the offerings provided by CallHippo. With a wide selection of services and plans designed to fit the needs of all customers, they offer solutions that will not only add tremendous value, but also automate and streamline functions for greater productivity and management of communications-centered aspects of the company. CallHippo’s pricing structure is exceptionally affordable, which further solidifies their offerings as the best provider of cloud-based phone numbers in the market. To further check out the offerings, or to purchase your virtual numbers today, head over to CallHippo and see the plethora of options they have available!


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